A Guide to Online Personal Training
By Rylee Baisden

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A Guide to Online Personal Training

Online fitness training programs are a great way to get your workouts from the comfort of your own home. You can use them for a variety of purposes – all in the privacy of your own space and on your time. Learn about online fitness training programs, what online personal trainers offer, how much online personal training costs and what online personal training consists of!

Online Fitness Training Programs

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of fitness is that it is something related to outdoor activities. The truth is that nowadays, fitness can be done online. There are many fitness programs available online that offer you the opportunity to do workouts from the comfort of your own home. You can choose among many kinds of workouts, including cardio, strength, and high-intensity sessions.

The activities are ready to be done without you having to go anywhere or spend money on things like equipment, fees, and memberships. The best thing about these workouts is that they can be done anytime and anyplace. You can do them while you're watching TV, for example. Working out doesn't have to interfere with your life anymore. We know how busy everybody is nowadays, hence the reason why online fitness programs are so popular.

Also, if ready to dive into training at a gym, there's nothing wrong with doing your workouts at home. You can use some of the workouts you find online for your own training. Many varieties of online training programs are available, giving you a great chance to choose something that fits your style, preferences, and goals.

A Guide to Online Personal Training

What do online personal trainers offer?

Online personal trainers offer various programs and services, such as weight loss training, fitness training, and nutrition coaching. Physical trainers typically focus on the development of muscle as well as cardiovascular health. Fitness trainers focus on building strength, usually at the expense of cardiovascular health. Personal trainers take this even further by helping to design diets and training programs that enable you to reach your ideal weight.

A personal trainer focuses on designing a fitness regimen for an individual client (or small group), which may vary depending on the client's needs, interests, body types, abilities, goals, and experience level. This requires excellent communication skills between coach and client and an understanding of how different clients can be treated differently. A good example would be that not all clients may need or even want to do cardio work during their workouts. The best online personal trainers are also expert motivators who have extensive knowledge about human physiology, so they can explain why specific exercises and diets (and even lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking) will benefit you.

An online personal trainer can help you design a customized training regimen to enhance fitness goals while creating a better overall health profile. Coaching usually takes place over email or phone.

How much does online personal training cost?

On average, personal training sessions are sold between $65-$100 per hour depending on their expertise and whether they have been pro-athletes. Sessions can usually be purchased in 5, 10, 15 or 20 packs at a discounted rate. Some online personal trainers will also ask their clients to sign contracts that can last three months to 12 months. These contracts typically require upfront payment by the client (usually 50%-75% per cent of total training fees), while some trainers may make instalment payments for their clients instead.

What do online personal trainers offer?

In the world of technology, many businesses have been making a great deal from providing services to their customers. This phenomenon has been given rise to online personal trainers who provide fitness training through the internet without setting foot in a gym. Below are 8 things you might get from an online personal trainer:

    1. Online personal training consists of a trainer and client working together to create fitness goals
    2. The trainer will provide you with workouts and tips for healthy choices
    3. You might be able to also chat live with the trainer through video or text messaging if they offer it
    4. This type of training is only available online, so it's perfect for those who don't want to leave their home
    5. A session usually lasts around an hour but may vary depending on your needs
    6. There are many different trainers to choose from so it's easy to find someone who meets your needs
    7. Because the trainer is online, they may not live close to you, which can be a downside
    8. They will most likely work with your schedule and your budget to create an effective plan for you


If you are looking for the convenience of an online personal trainer without having to leave your home, there is a perfect fit out there waiting for you. With personalized workouts and tips on healthy living, these internet-based fitness experts can help get you back in shape while catering to your budget and schedule preferences. If this all sounds enticing but intimidating at the same time, don't worry! We're here to make sure that we find one who meets your specific needs and fits into the constraints of your lifestyle (and wallet). Contact me for personalised fitness plans or check out my ebook for a ready to go plan!


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