Are online fitness coaches worth it?
By Rylee

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Thinking about signing up with an online fitness coach?

I've had a few people reach out and ask me “are online fitness coaches worth it?”  Running an online fitness website has always been a dream of mine. The impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent self-isolation really cemented the importance of online fitness programs and the right coaching is an important part of that. I know plenty of people who have embarked on new fitness journeys are met with substandard trainers and coaches who lack enthusiasm and integrity.  The answer to “are online fitness coaches worth it?” comes down to five key points:

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  • Firstly, is your trainer knowledgeable? Does your trainer know what they are talking about?
  • Secondly, is professionalism important to your trainer? Is your trainer well practised in the field of fitness and training?
  • Thirdly, do you find your trainer motivating? Does your trainer motivate you during your classes even when they’re a little bit harder?
  • Fourthly, do you feel welcomed by your trainer when you log in? Does your trainer make you feel important to them?
  • Fifthly, is your trainer good value for money? What are you getting for the money you’re paying? Do you get access to training material as part of your package?

Where do you find an 'online fitness coach'?

At, all of those boxes are ticked! I am a professional soccer player who has played all over the world. For instance, since 2017, I've played in Sweden, France and at the USA World University Games in Taiwan as the team captain.  Most recently, I played in the Australian W-League – a professional league full of international athletes.  I have committed to personal development and have a long background in fitness and training. 

I always strive to make my classes fun for everyone and aim to motivate you through the toughest challenges. 

At, you’ll find that the answer to “are online fitness coaches worth it?” is always YES!

So if you're feeling motivated and interested in joining a group of like-minded individuals coming together for fitness and wellbeing, check out my ebook!


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