Fitness programs for beginners
By Rylee Baisden

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We've all done it, starting your new fitness journey and googling "fitness programs for beginners". As you begin on your fitness journey, there are a few things to remember:

Start slowly and build up gradually

This journey is definitely not a sprint, so pace yourself. Keep in mind that you are new and things are going to feel uncomfortable, and that's ok. Give yourself some grace and pat yourself on the back for even starting. You'll probably have some sort of idea about your level of fitness. Assessing your baseline of fitness can not only give you a baseline but it can also allow you to measure your progress along the way. Your personal trainer can help you with those baseline assessments.

Consider your goals

Make sure to consider why you're doing your fitness program. This will help you and your trainer design a balanced routine that fits your lifestyle. Once you get started, be sure to break things up if you have to. If you only have time for 10 minutes of exercise a few times throughout the day then, by all means, do that. You don't have to stress yourself out to schedule out 30 minutes to an hour out of your day, any amount of activity is better than none.

I love referring to the F.I.T.T. acronym to help with the different variables when it comes to pushing my body. F.I.T.T. stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type. You need to pay attention to how often you are exercising (frequency), how hard you're exercising (intensity), how long you're exercising (time) and the (type) of exercise you're doing. In the beginning, a variety in the types of exercise you choose is important, be creative. Find activities that you enjoy so working out doesn't feel like a task or burden.

Listen to your body

Make sure if you are feeling pain or get dizzy it's okay to take breaks. Give yourself permission to take a day or two off, be flexible. Routine is great but not if it's overwhelming you. Your fitness journey is like a relationship with yourself (aka your body). Enjoy the ebb and flow, enjoy the highs, persevere through the lows, have fun and fall in love with the process. It's a beautiful thing if you let it be. 

Fast paced fitness programs for beginners

Reassess every six weeks

Finally, retake your physical assessments after completing 6 weeks of your program and see how you're going. You may see that you need to increase your amount of fitness in order to achieve your goals. Or you may be pleasantly surprised to see that just by adding in a daily walk and some bike riding with your friends is helping you improve your fitness and lose a bit of weight.

Ultimately, if you lose motivation, aren't seeing improvements, or change your goals, ask your trainer to try some new activities. Starting a fitness program is a commitment but it doesn't have to be an exhausting decision. Set realistic goals, pace yourself, and establish a healthy lifestyle one day at a time.

And as always, before you start any new fitness program, always consult your doctor or health practitioner.


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