How a personal trainer can help you!
By Rylee Baisden

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Not seeing results?

  • If you're not seeing results or reaching your goals, it might be time to seek out some help. Personal trainers can help you evaluate your current workout program, examine your goals, push you and most importantly, teach you ways to become the best version of you.

Don't know where to start?

  • If you don't know where to even start when it comes to working out, a personal trainer is your best friend. Trainers know everything that goes into creating an individualized program perfectly suited for you, and yes it's way more complex than you think. A trainer can personalize a program based on your individual schedule, body, and accessibility to equipment. Which is pretty awesome if you think about it because most of the time that's half the issue - knowing how to get started and what you need. Trainers use the F.I.T.T. principle to help you with the basics; frequency, intensity, time, and type of workouts can help you navigate the way you go about fitness. You don't have to learn how to navigate the whole process, that's what personal trainers are paid to do. They educate and simplify fitness for you.
Rylee Baisden Personal Trainer
Rylee Baisden Personal trainer
Bored with workouts?

  • If you're bored with the same workouts and need help switching it up, personal trainers can give you a fresh perspective. Keeping workout fun and fresh is half the battle. Even if you only meet once a week, the new ideas and equipment help to challenge you and keeps you refreshed.

Need accountability?

  • If you need an accountability partner or just some motivation to work out, a personal trainer can absolutely be that for you. There is a sense of pride and commitment when you have a session booked with a personal trainer; you don't want to let down a trainer or yourself. Sometimes that's all you need to get your fitness journey on track.

Sick, injured, or have a medical condition?

  • If you have an injury, illness, or condition, implementing exercise into your weekly routine might have surprising benefits! You may be thinking, if I'm in pain or trying to heal an injury, how would I do that. Personal trainers fit perfectly. Trainers work with all types of clients and are educated to help create a program specifically for you, regardless of your state of fitness/health.

So now you can see how a personal trainer can help you! From specialised programs that cater for illnesses or injuries, accountability and motivation, and program changes. To working out where to start, and helping you achieve results. Most importantly, a personal trainer can help you reach your goals.

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Always remember, before you start any new training program, seek professional medical advice.


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