Strength Guide


Strength Guide is a 4-week exercise guide that is the perfect combination of at-home and gym workouts.

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Whether you're coming back from a fitness hiatus or just looking to shake things up, I understand that change can be daunting. This Strength Guide Ebook is your friendly guide to get you back into the groove, incorporating an achievable schedule of workouts at home and the gym. I've crafted a program that gradually eases you back into your fitness routine while making you stronger every day. Trust me, you're going to want to try this one.

I believe fitness should be adaptable, so I've designed a 4-week exercise guide that suits both home and gym settings. Each week, you'll be able to challenge yourself, making your fitness journey enjoyable.

Plus, building strength isn't just about your muscles; it's about your mindset too. Use this Ebook to get motivated and stay motivated as you progress throughout the next month.

Ready to rekindle your love for fitness and experience the joy of getting stronger every day, whether it's at home or in the gym? Grab your copy of Strength Guide today, and let's embark on this exciting 4-week journey back to a more powerful, confident you!

IMPORTANT: Once you purchase the ebook you will be able to immediately download the workout guide. Please ensure you download the ebook and save it somewhere safe! A link will also be sent to your email account, if you don't get the email just check your spam/junk folder.

BONUS: You will receive a hyperlink to a notion template of this ebook. Once you click it, you can input your weights and dates so you can see your progress over the next four weeks. Have fun!

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